STEP-BY-STEP guide for your first Email Campaign

In order to start sending email campaigns you will need at first an email list with subscribers. Please use button Create your first email list. You need to fill in the Name of the Sender, Email for sending, Email for reply and your Company / Websiste Details.

Martin Huachani, welcome to MailBul tutorial!


After that you can start import your subscribers one by one or from file. To start import from a file click on button Import (#4) on your email list to enter importing toolbox.

You will be allowed to import from a csv file, a text file or from another database. Please see on infrogram above which method is best suited for you.



Finally, after your list is created and you have added your subscribers into it, it's time to create your email campaign. You can use the button Create my first campaign or your left sidebar: Campaigns>All Campaigns>Create New
After that just follow the step-by-step wizzard for creating your email campaign.


All features of MailBul
Using, you will be able to create 1) email lists,  create and 2) send campaigns with detailed stats area for opens and cliscks, create and import ready from another apps 3) html templates. Additionally you have a full control of reputation of your 4) sending domain and with our 5) API can setup MailBul at your own website.
All features of MailBul