What is a 'Personal Assistant' and what is the price?

If you do not have time for maintaning of your email marketing campaigns our MailBul team can take care of that.

Usually we have a fixed price of $80 per 1 campaign.

✔ 1 campaign includes:
  • Management of clients’ lists in format as they desire (xls, xlsx, CSV, txt, doc, pdf etc) : Importing; Cleaning; Exporting; Segmentation etc);
  • All the management process at MailBul account;
  • Creating of design of the email campaign from mailbul template gallery; 
  • Sending of 1 email campaign;
  • Analysis of statistics and create of custom segments based upon the results;
  • Creating a qustom lists and segments based upon the results after campaign (up to 3 lists or segments); 
  • Creating a qustom fields based upon the results after the campaign (up to 3).
✔ Individual html design of email template: 80$ per 1 htmp template
✔ Work with 3rd party applications (Mailchimp, SendGrid, MailGun or any software for bulk sending): $25 per hour.

*Note: it s price just for work. You need to buy the needed email credits for sending or cleaning according to our price list on site.